We teach pivotal skills that transform interactions.

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Our approach is reflected in our Engaging with Difference® Workshop. Participants learn the distinction between cultural knowledge and cultural intelligence; about the interplay between frames of reference, assumptions, and perception; and how intercultural skills enhance every interaction, not just those we identify as cross-cultural. Without these skills, we miss insights and opportunities to participate in and shape our interconnected world.

These pivotal skills transform acceptable results into optimal outcomes. Most of us believe we do not need such a workshop. We get along with others; we welcome people of different origins; we are not prejudiced. This approach serves us well until we bump up against differences we do not understand (or worse: we think we understand but do not). Without skills to engage with difference, our outcomes will always be less than optimal.

Our workshop is a linchpin for effective engagement across differences of any kind. To be inclusive means far more than simply welcoming visible diversity; it means being able to explore and interact with diversity of all kinds, both visible (e.g., ethnicity) as well as invisible (e.g., political thought). Similarly, to be prepared for global engagement requires more than a seminar on cultural norms; it pivots on having adaptive skills of intercultural competence.

We customize to the needs of the client. Our workshop consists of six hours of applied learning and experiential activities to teach best practices for developing and strengthening intercultural skills, within the context of the client's needs. The six hours can be offered as one 6-hour event (with breaks), or divided up into segments and offered over a period of time.



Intercultural competence is a practice.