“Sharon Kristjanson is an outstanding facilitator who effectively uses her rich and varied life experiences to lead participants through a well-designed training program. Sharon’s deep passion captures the attention of her audience; her knowledge makes her credible and keeps participants engaged. Sharon is not just a facilitator; she is a professional committed to making a difference in how people engage with one another.”

P. Efiom, Equity and Empowerment Coordinator, City of Evanston

"I've attended several sessions led by Sharon, and each has provided strong value. Most recent was a session that included developing a personal leadership statement. I was shocked at how effective and efficient the process was!  I should have been less surprised—through her personal connection to the cause, passionate exploration of resources, and earnest delivery of all that she has learned and synthesized, Sharon truly is in the vanguard of the bridge building form of civil activism."

I. Carswell, Real Estate Investor

“Great workshop...  Presenter has excellent understanding of topic...  Good introduction to what intercultural intelligence really means...  Good high-level session...  Great knowledge and energy; very engaging..."

Collection of written comments from an introductory presentation at

This was a great session. It opened my eyes and touched on what I was seeking personally. It was great personally and professionally. It relates to so many things...  Overall, very informative and interesting...  Great visual displays in the PowerPoint; drives the point home.

Collection of written comments from a presentation at
City of Evanston

"Great way of explaining the importance of intercultural intelligence...  Eye-opening...  Engaging; great discussion...  Great perspective and insight...  Thoughtful---asks good questions and gets us to ask ourselves good questions...  Very applicable to any situation..."

Collection of written comments from an introductory presentation to
University of Chicago Medicine--Strategy Group



“Sharon Kristjanson’s presentation to the Lisle Board of Directors was immensely helpful. Every non-profit organization would benefit from her workshop.”

W. Ligon, Board member, Lisle International