We blend our own proprietary methods—Engaging with Difference®—with Personal Leadership (PL) for optimal learning and more viable outcomes.

Personal Leadership is a framework for better understanding ourselves in relationship with others. Engaging with Difference® is a framework for engaging with others when we have different perspectives. Together, they give us the tools to generate constructive solutions to daily challenges with remarkable consistency and effectiveness.

This blended approach offers a highly effective set of skills for interacting with others, regardless of context. At work, it leads to more creative collaboration and teamwork, as well as to compelling and agile leadership. At home and with friends, it leads to more satisfying and nourishing relationships. Participants gain skills that elevate any interaction, conversation, or relationship.

What participants are saying:

“Great flow and organization of very complex concepts.”
“Excellent concepts; very helpful.”
“Wish it had been longer!”

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"Emotions that seem to happen to you are actually made by you. Using past experience, your brain predicts and constructs your experience of the world."

Lisa Feldman Barrett
Neuroscientist, psychologist, author