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A Trans-Atlantic Dialogue of Note


Francesco Magnocavallo is the Digital Editorial Director of Hearst Magazines Italia, based in Milan, and awhile back he stumbled upon our website for People Beyond Politics.™ He and I began a conversation that resulted in an article he wrote and published in the Italian edition of Elle magazine. (Both the Italian and English versions are available in the link below.)
Obviously, I’m happy about the recognition for the work we are doing. But on another level, I’m really delighted to see how our dialogue expanded understanding in both of us. This is what happens when we are truly open to inquiry and dialogue: all parties gain new and valuable insights; it is not a one-way street.
What I found most interesting in Francesco’s article is the way he sees creativity: it is inextricably linked to openness and complexity (or openness to complexity). He writes that we become more creative when we take the time to understand complex narratives. He offers a thought-provoking perspective on plurality, empathy, and creativity, and his article is well worth reading. Click here for Francesco's article, in Italian or English.


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