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Our relationships shape how we experience life


We experience life in relationship — with other people, animals, nature, and for some, God. All of these relationships define our lives. They are a gift from which we find comfort, a burden from which we feel pain, or something in-between.

We also experience life in relationship with ourselves, but we rarely pause to consider what that means, or what it looks like. It can seem odd to sit quietly and engage in a gentle conversation with oneself, but this reflection usually offers great insights.

In our professional lives, how we nurture or manage our work relationships has a direct impact on the quality, creativity, and viability of what we generate. Weak relationships produce weak commitments to a common goal.

When we invest in our relationships we are creating (or renewing) trust and respect. When we take the time to see ourselves and honor our needs, we help others be in relationship with us. When we do so with grace and kindness, relationships transform and become more collaborative.

There is nothing more powerful than the experience of feeling seen — seen by others and seen by ourselves — at a deeper level than our casual conversations. What will you do with this transformative power?

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