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We don’t write about politics; we keep the focus on the communication process—on how to engage in a manner that is thoughtful and constructive when we have differing points of view.

It is a learning tool in an easily digestible format. 😀

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Better Angels Workshops with Sharon


Sharon Kristjanson leads designated workshops for Better Angels (BA), a national non-profit organization committed to depolarizing America by teaching ordinary citizens essential communication skills for political conversations.

Sharon is a registered Moderator of Better Angels workshops (the Skills Workshop and the Red/Blue Workshop) and she works with fellow Moderators and Organizers in the Chicago area to produce these free workshops, open to anyone interested in fostering real dialogue and understanding across the political divide.

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"When reasoning about the minds of others, we underestimate their complexity, depth, detail, and richness."

Nicholas Epley
Professor of Behavioral Science, Univ. of Chicago