On a day-to-day basis we operate in a world of difference, both seen and hidden. Usually we ignore it, confront it, or pull back from it. Sometimes we even miss it completely, or believe we have better communication skills than we actually do.

As we strive to maximize our potential, we often think that other people get in the way. In reality, we maximize our potential in relationship with others. The key then, is to have skills for engaging with difference in a way that minimizes friction and maximizes potential.

When we learn how to engage with difference effectively, we can achieve far more meaningful outcomes. We are able to give without feeling drained; we can lead by inspiring others; and we feel more centered and agile. Creative opportunities become available to us in collaboration with others, and friction is no longer a daunting obstacle.

The more we understand the inner workings of interactions, the more far-reaching and positive our impact will be.

"Leadership is, at root, about understanding and managing our own internal experience."

Barbara Schaetti, Sheila Ramsey, Gordon Watanabe
Authors & Leaders of Personal Leadership