A three-pronged approach

My three-pronged approach rests on core insights from intercultural communication, personal leadership, and psychology. Essential elements from all three fields create a stable foundation for expanding our capacity to grow and create new types of collaboration.

I teach a specific set of communication and leadership skills, and then coach you as you learn to consistently apply them. As these skills become second nature to you, you will be able to consider multiple perspectives at a deeper level and choose a response that aligns with who you are at your highest and best.

These skills help us to explore different frames of reference and recognize the many assumptions we make—not only about others, but also our assumptions about how we are heard. These skills help us to connect authentically and minimize friction when it inevitably arises.

I offer the following services:

  • Consulting

  • Individual coaching

  • Group workshops

  • Facilitated discussions

  • Speaking engagements

Additionally, People Beyond Politics™ is a program for applying these skills to polarized conversations.

Sharon Kristjanson is an outstanding facilitator who effectively uses her rich and varied life experiences to lead participants through a well-designed training program. Sharon’s deep passion captures the attention of her audience; her knowledge makes her credible and keeps participants engaged. Sharon is not just a facilitator; she is a professional committed to making a difference in how people engage with one another.
— Patricia Efiom, Ph.D., Chief Equity Officer, City of Evanston

Transformative communication and leadership skills are not about what we project outwardly; they are about what we do inwardly.